Carbon technology was developed at the Technical University of Liberec. We produce hockey sticks from top quality carbon fibers. For example, Lamborghini is made from the same material.

We are the proud successor of the hockey stick production technology started by company Passvilan. From wooden hockey sticks to composite ones.


We can extend each stick up to 7 cm if needed, which is a huge advantage for taller players, over appr. 187 cm of height. So, you don’t have to extend your stick by putting on a knob, which loses the properties of a top stick.


For our players, we have developed a perfect grip that allows you full control of the stick. Our grip is anti-slippery, shiny and very durable. We spray each hockey stick individually and pay maximum attention to the quality of the spray.


The shaft is hand-made from a top-quality material that is one of the best in the world. We take the utmost care in its production. The shaft consists of up to 14 layers, which are assembled according to our unique technological procedures to achieve the best and required performance.


The special technological process of blade production gives our blades perfect properties for shooting and passing. The blade is handmade, from top quality material and the core is additionally reinforced with the highest quality carbon to increase durability and strength. ODIN HOCKEY offers many curves on both sides.